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Guest post by: Carol Truesdale

Where do you go to buy the best anti-aging skin creams? A lot of people see a commercial or read a magazine ad, then go to a department store. That is exactly how it happens even though, as a consumer, you get almost no concrete info about the product.

And you can’t trust the employees at the department store to warn you of anything.

Advertising and customer service do little to inform you of the ingredients in the cream and how effective they are. Companies know that the average consumer isn’t knowledgeable about ingredients, so they just pump most of their money into marketing. And it works for them. They make huge profits by skimping on safety and effectiveness.

The best anti-aging creams should not contain fragrances, preservatives, or petrolatum. But testing by consumer advocate groups has shown that use of these ingredients is widespread in the cosmetics industry.

Take fragrances, for example. What’s wrong with them? It’s true that most perfumes and colognes contain chemicals that are toxic or carcinogenic. But you only use a few dabs at a time. Very little absorption takes place.

However, with a skin cream, you may rub it all over your face and body. If it contains fragrances, your exposure to these harmful chemicals is much greater.

Synthetic preservatives are also found in most skin care products. They cause allergies, itching, and irritation. Usually, they will be listed on the label as some form of paraben. Researchers have linked exposure to parabens with cancer. Some of those products you see advertised on tv contain 4 different types of parabens.

The best anti-aging skin creams use vitamin E instead. It’s a natural preservative, though it is more expensive than parabens. It’s hard to imagine a company that would endanger its customers just to make a few more bucks. But there are many out there.

Another ingredient you’ll often see listed on the label is mineral oil. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, mineral oil is just another name for liquid petrolatum. When oil companies convert crude oil into gasoline, liquid petrolatum is a byproduct. Don’t ask me why cosmetics companies use it.

So, next time you’re watching tv and you see an ad for a skin care product, write it down. Then go to the department store, find the product, and read the label. I bet you’ll see at least one of the bad ingredients I described in this article.

The best skin creams aren’t advertised much or even at all. Why? Because the companies that make them can’t afford it. They pour all their money into developing the most effective products. Visit my site to learn more about the best anti-aging skin creams on the market.

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